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TKS experts: 4 reasons for premature decommissioning of tank containers - Tank Container Service


It is not the first year that Tank Container Service experts have been invited to speak at various industry information platforms in order to talk about the features of their work, share their many years of experience with start-up companies in this field and, of course, announce the existing problems.

Thus, the management of Tank Container Service, Dmitry Artamonov and Igor Yaskevich, discuss the difficulties of operating tank containers in the Sea Ports magazine, which has been published in large circulation since 1997 and created under the auspices of the boards of Rosmorrechflot, the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation, conferences and councils Directors of the Association of Commercial Sea Ports (ASOP).

“LLC “Tank-Container Service” has been successfully operating for 10 years in the market of services in the field of operation of tank containers. During this time, the company’s specialists have gained some experience in the maintenance and repair of various models of this type of packaging. Every day, a large number of tank containers pass through the company’s own depots. All the accumulated information, systematized in real time, today allows Tank-Container Service to identify the main problems that arise during the operation of tank containers, and it’s fairly confident to classify and propose the right ways to solve them, ” the words of the CEO of the company Dmitry Artamonov quoted in the journal .

The company’s specialists tell reporters about two groups of classification of the main problems in the field of operation of tank containers. These are organizational problems associated mainly with the lack of a unified national regulatory framework that should regulate the quality of container tank processing and waste management and recycling, and technical problems, the main feature of which is non-compliance by workers with tank processing requirements and a shortage of depot stations in the territory Of Russia.

Summing up the interview, Igor Yaskevich, executive director of the company, noted the main competitive advantages of his work: “Tank-Container Service” is always ready to cooperate with any companies operating in the market, and is ready to share its experience and the experience of partners. Now our company has launched several promising areas in which we plan to competently develop, paving an optimistic future. ”

He spoke about the passivation of stainless flasks in order to extend the life of the tanks; on the protective coating of stainless steel flasks with polymers for the purpose of transporting highly aggressive goods; protection of reinforcement from the effects of cargo and its vapors; developing a line of spare parts for tank containers of major European manufacturers.

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